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Scarf - Genuine Chinchilla Rex Fur Scarf

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Genuine Chinchilla Rex Fur Scarf 

Finest possible quality genuine chinchilla rex fur scarf.  Shades are a stunning blend of rich grays, whites and blacks. Has front slit for cozy closure and added warmth. 

Special Features: Versatile fit. One size fits all.

Approximate Measurements:

Approximate Length: 38 - 40”

Approximate Width: 4.5”

Rex Lapin (French for Rabbit) is a very plush exotic rare fur, genetically related to the rabbit. The fur has nothing in common with the fur of a standard rabbit. This fur does not shed. In fact, chinchilla rex has been used by designers like Fendi for decades and has never been associated with an inexpensive line of fur.

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