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Chinchilla Rex Lapin


Chinchilla Rex Lapin is a plush, exotic, much more rare, ranch raised type of rabbit. The fur has nothing in common with the fur of a standard rabbit. It is more similar to fur of the Chinchilla.*This fur does not shed*


Sheared Beaver

Soft, plush texture; evenly sheared and colored; silky to the touch


(Long Haired)

Long guard hairs over dense underfur; sheen look to guard hairs; thick underfur


Long haired fur; often tan or gray in color; durable and warm; long guard hair; thick underfur


Longhaired fur; wide range of colors; long, soft guard hairs; good color


Long, wavy hair, often dyed; long, silky hair; not frizzy


Natural sheepskin with leather side sueded; soft suede; even shearing


Tight curls; usually black, brown, and gray; silky curls; soft, light leather


Lightweight with silky guard hairs and dense underfur; soft, full fur; silky and lustrous look


Long guard hairs over thick underfur; may be dyed or sheared; silvery tone; plenty of guard hair and heavy underfur


Soft, silky fur; generally expensive; soft deep fur with silky guard hairs

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