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keeping your coats in a cold storage vault off season…..

Tis the season for showing a little tender loving care to your fur items….and get great deals, too! During the warm weather months, your fur items need to be protected from humidity and heat, insects, as well. Moths can become a problem in the off season.

Your furs will truly thank you when placed in a modern cold storage fur vault where the temperature is kept constant at 34 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is less than 40%.The benefit of this protection does pay off in the long run prolonging the life of your fur item.

A fur should always be cleaned at least once a year by a professional furrier only. When you request to pick up your fur from storage, we, as long standing furriers, will make sure to clean, remove dirt, enliven and rejuvenate the luster of your fur piece. We will also examine it to make sure you do not have rips or worn areas from last season’s wear.

Please call us at your earliest convenience to discuss your current fur needs and terrific new pricing designed for loyal customers like you.  For a minimal seasonal fee of $39.95 per item for cold vault storage and cleaning, you can be rest assured that your fur will definitely be ready for next winter’s debut.

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